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Leadership Programme

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System Leadership Programme for

Women from Communities Experiencing Racial Inequality

Manchester City Council and Community Health Equity Manchester
System Leadership Programme for women from communities experiencing racial
inequality. Open to women working in women-led, Voluntary Community and Social
Enterprise (VCSE) organisations within Manchester. Calling visionaries, and change-
makers! We are delighted to introduce and facilitate this programme.  A
transformative coaching experience designed exclusively by and for women from
communities experiencing racial inequality.

Opportunity for transformation

This programme is crafted to guide you on a

journey of self-discovery, leadership, and

success. With a focus on your unique

experiences and aspirations, our coaching
sessions will ignite the fire within you to

thrive both personally and professionally.


Unleash Your Potential

Explore strategies to navigate challenges,

leverage strengths, and break through
barriers that hinder your progress.

You will gain insights, tools, and techniques

to amplify your impact in many areas of your life.


Community, Support & Network

Be part of a community of women leaders,

fostering connections, solidarity, and support.

Engage in group discussions, networking

opportunities, and sessions that celebrate

diversity and embrace collective growth.




About this Programme

This is a leadership development programme for, both, current and future leaders who are women experiencing racial inequality. The programme is brought to you by BEE You! Personal Development Ltd and S A Consulting, in partnership with Manchester City Council and Community Health Equity Manchester (CHEM). The programme will take place from January to December 2024, with a series of expert sessions throughout, exploring the following:

‘The System’


Leadership Styles

Purpose, Values & Vision


Leadership & Intersectionality

System Navigation Toolkit


Power, Impact and Influence

Strategic stakeholder management 




The progamme offers:

  • Group Sessions: Engaging in-person and online sessions focusing on leadership, personal
    development, authenticity and more.

  • Online Reflection Sessions: Quarterly shared online space for intentional, focused reflection

  • Networking: A quarterly networking session with a guest speaker.

  • Resources: Access to exclusive resources, tools, guidance and recommended readings.



Leaders on this programme are ready to engage, nourish and develop their potential as they move toward their vision of fulfilment and success. This includes embracing opportunities to develop and celebrate themselves - their purpose, identity, attributes and aspirations, stepping into their greatness, their uniqueness and thriving.
Creating system transformation together!

Please join our contact list to be updated about future programmes and other BEE
You! Experiences.


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Jackie Bailey

Transformation Coach,

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Programme Designed & Facilitated by:

Sharon Amesu

Leadership & Inclusion Strategist 

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