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Meet Jackie

Transformation Coach

Greetings, I am Jackie Bailey, founder of BEE You! Personal  Development Ltd. serving transformational coaching, workshops, seminars & retreats. I support individuals, groups, teams & organisations with clarity of purpose & values, vision building & alignment. This is core to BEE You! service.

My approach to coaching is holistic and is rooted in being aligned to your soul purpose, on purpose & with purpose. Intentionality is key, as is being authentic in all aspects of your life. This is exactly what I did in 2012 when I left my corporate role and said yes to me. This prompted the emergence of my BEEing, my clearer focus on purpose, values, vision and alignment that has resulted in a more fulfilling life.


Just BEE You!

Brilliant, Excellent, Exceptional You!

Serving you, doing what I love

I coordinate & host retreats (in-person & online). In 2023, I co-curated Root to Rise Grenada retreat, which featured in Essence Magazine & other media, including the Miami Herald.  I have hosted a range of retreats, including in Wales, England and Gambia.


BEE You! also offers holistic ‘Wellbeing with a difference’ programmes providing services for staff wellbeing & underserved communities.

I am passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing by using journaling as a personal development & self-care tool. I deliver journaling sessions including ‘Journal to BEEing Your Best You!’, ‘Journaling & Healing’ & ‘Journaling, Vision & Purpose’. Journaling features throughout my offers including coaching, retreats and creative workshops. I love to journal, I have personally reaped so many benefits from this practice. When something is great I share it.

A creative practitioner, I am a keen advocate of arts for wellbeing. I am a literature advocate and activist. Literature was one of my first loves and still is a favoured pastime. As a Manchester UNESCO City of Literature Community Champion, in 2023 I proudly coordinated Windrush NHS Stories as part of Untold Stories of the NHS.  I am a Visiting Teaching Fellow at the Manchester Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Creativity is joyful for me, I see how much pleasure, growth, the space and opportunity to BEE it brings to so many. Embracing this within my coaching practice, including retreats has been immensely positive.

Grenada Retreat 2024,
Sunset Cruise

Grenada Retreat 2024, Sunset Cruise

Journaling workshop

I co-host the personal development podcast Align: with Jackie &Tarnya focusing on alignment as key to
unlocking your potential and living your purpose. Tips and tools areshared with listeners. I am a member of the  Association for Coaching.

I love travel, personal development (supporting others and enhancing my own), history and culture, diverse arts and creativity and spending quality time with family and friends. I enjoy experiences over things. This wonderful mix informs and enriches my offerings.


Alignment with purpose, values and vision, plus being fulfilled is my foundation. The cement is doing what I love, sharing and BEEing.  BEEing leads us to the doing that is so right for us, so aligned that it is actually BEEing. It is that sweet space where we are our authentic, brilliant, excellent, exceptional unique self. Sharing approaches to  BEEing, as a means to fulfilment, through my offerings is a pleasure.

Interested in BEE You! coaching, workshops or, retreats? Request a Clarity Call with Jackie.

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